7. What changes would CAGES like to see in the philanthropic sector?


CAGES encourages the philanthropy sector to take a more flexible approach in giving.

This means supporting communities to define their own pathways, leading to greater involvement and impact because they’re able to be responsive to evolving community needs and adapt quickly and creatively.

Even if funders and recipients are working towards the same high-level goals, when the solutions identified by organisations are not aligned with the preferences of funds-holders, organisations can experience barriers in accessing funding, or have to modify their desired approach in order to access funding.

CAGES approach represents a more efficient use of funds. There is less potential wastage of funds as organisations are able to adapt how funding is applied when identified needs change over time.

CAGES Foundation leverages our networks and connections to act as a catalyst for change.  

We are committed to building a strong philanthropic community that respectfully walks and works alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

We didn’t get to this point overnight. We had to sit in our discomfort. To hear the truths about Australia and the philanthropic sector.


We encourage others in the philanthropic sector to walk this same path and build genuine relationships with First Nations people.