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Cages Foundation supports organisations committed to ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Funding Focus

CAGES Foundation funds organisations working to improve the lives of Aboriginal people and create an environment that enables every Aboriginal child to reach their potential. Having a focused approach to our giving enables us to be more knowledgeable about the issue and creates an opportunity for us to be more influential.

We direct our funding towards organisations that are locally owned and are focused on providing services to children from pre natal to 5 years old.

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We support locally owned initiatives providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children access to the best pathways to reach their full potential.

Our Partners

Family Giving

In 2014 CAGES Foundation implemented a family funding stream to encourage intergenerational engagement with the Foundation and the philanthropic community. The family funding stream allocates a nominal amount to family members and allows them to nominate a DGR1 recipient of their choosing. This funding stream provides the family with an opportunity to give to organisations operating outside of the Foundations focus area and is a lovely way for the family to come together to discuss their different passions.

Gifts derived from the family funding stream are unsolicited. Organisations will receive a gift and letter at the time of the funding round. CAGES Foundation does not apply its funding principles to this giving stream.

Impact Investing

CAGES Foundation made its first impact investment in 2014 and by 2016 had moved 20% of its portfolio into impact investing. Investing capital in for purpose and for profit businesses is a valuable tool that can be used to help drive positive social and environmental change and we are committed to building the impact investing sector. We also recognise that there are some social issues that can not be addressed by social enterprise and this makes it important for the foundation to maximise financial returns so we can maximise our grants to organisations working in community to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children with pathways to meet their full potential.

There are a wide range (but not a large number) of impact investment products on the market with varying levels of financial and impact return. To help navigate the emerging field of impact investing, CAGES foundation classifies its impact investment as either Impact A or Impact B investments, depending on the intention behind making the investment.

The following investment classifications underpin CAGES impact investment strategy:

Traditional Investments

Investments made to drive financial performance. A do no harm positive screen policy is applied to traditional investments.

Impact A Investments

Investments made to drive financial performance but also have a measurable positive social or environmental impact. These investments will have a market risk return profile and the main motivation for CAGES Foundation making these investments is their financial return.

Impact B Investments

Investments made to drive social or environmental impact that may or may not have a market risk return profile. CAGES Foundation is motivated to make these investments to either drive a particular social or environmental impact, or, to build the impact investing market.

The intention of CAGES Foundation is to move as much of its portfolio to impact investments without compromising its overall financial performance, we believe as the sector grows we will be able to be 100% invested for impact. The Foundation makes investments in category B impact investments from any accumulated funds that may result once the foundation has reached its return target in any given year.

CAGES Foundation thanks Australian Impact Investments, a financial advisory group, which specialises in designing, implementing and managing impact investment portfolios for wholesale investors for their advice on its impact investment portfolio.

Impact Investments

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