Impact Investing to CAGES Foundation is investing in a vehicle that is intentionally driving a financial and, a positive social or environmental return.

SEFA aims to be the leading social finance business in Australia using innovative lending solutions to build a stronger and more dynamic social enterprise sector. A sector creating healthier, fairer, more diverse environments in which we all can live. Our focus is social impact and we partner with businesses that deliver positive outcomes for people and communities. Our team has far-reaching financial experience with a deep understanding of the challenges facing growing social enterprises.

Hireup is an online platform that allows people with disability to find, hire and manage their own support workers. It does this by taking care of the administrative necessities like payroll, tax, superannuation, insurance and training so people can focus on finding support workers based on their interests and needs. Hireup is harnessing innovations in technology to give Australians with disability the tools to live more independently.

Unitus Impact is a venture capital firm that invests in scalable companies working to increase incomes and improve the livelihoods of the working poor in Southeast Asia and India. The firm is focused on generating strong financial returns while supporting the growth of scalable livelihood companies that link underserved populations to formal markets, engage the working poor as suppliers or distributors, build innovative supply chain or distribution platforms, and/or provide underserved consumers with products and services that improve their lives.

Impact Investment Group (IIG) is an Australian funds manager, with over $360 million in funds under management across property, renewable infrastructure and aligned values-driven businesses. Established in 2013, IIG’s mission is to shift capital towards investments that blend financial returns with deep social and environmental impact, and to lead by example by using all of our resources to create the world we want to live in. CAGES Foundation has made investments in five IIG products.

Good Return provides people living in poverty with access to responsible microfinance and skills development.

Programs empower people with the confidence, knowledge and capability to better manage their money and grow their assets. Good Return supports microfinance institutions to improve their social performance and extend financial inclusion to the poorest and most vulnerable. These tools empower people living in poverty with the skills and means to break the poverty cycle for good.

Good Return is an initiative of World Education Australia, an international development agency accredited by Australian Aid and is a full member of Australian Council for International Development. We work in our Asia Pacific neighbouring countries, where two-thirds of the world’s poor live.

Together we can achieve a world without poverty. Invest in Good at

CAGES Foundation investment will match loans made through the Good Return website up to $100,000. Mao Rin used a Good Return loan to increase her crop yield. Now she can afford to send her daughters to school. Your investment is needed to break the poverty cycle for women like Rin. Click here to make a loan and double your impact.

Future Generation Global Investment Company (ASX: FGG) is Australia’s first internationally focused listed investment company (LIC) with the dual objectives of providing shareholders with diversified exposure to selected global fund managers and changing the lives of young Australians affected by mental illness. FGG offers investors the opportunity to gain unprecedented access to Australia’s most prominent global fund managers – a number of whom are closed or not accessible to retail investors – through a single ASX-listed investment vehicle. The Company charges 0.0% management fees and 0.0% performance fees. Fund managers are managing the capital entirely pro-bono so that 1.0% of net assets each year can be donated to Australian charities committed to young Australians affected by mental health issues.

Philanthropist and well known investment industry veteran Chris Cuffe, has combined investment and charity to create the Third Link Growth Fund.
In a pioneering initiative designed to benefit both investors and the non-profit sector, the Third Link Growth Fund provides investors with the opportunity to invest in a professionally managed fund where all management fees, net of expenses incurred, are donated to the non-profit sector – without charging additional fees or diluting investment returns.
How? Because of the extraordinarily generous support of investment and service professionals who provide their services for free.

The Murray-Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund invests in permanent water rights in the Southern Murray-Darling Basin. It provides the first opportunity in Australia for wholesale investors to achieve the multiple objectives of securing water for agriculture, realising a financial return and restoring threatened wetlands through a single investment.

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