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Striving to be effective funders who listen, learn, evaluate and develop.

Funding Principles

Our funding principles have been developed in line with the overall guiding principles and objectives of the Foundation with the intention of empowering community and creating an environment where every child has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Aboriginal led Organisations

CAGES Foundation will intentionally seek to fund DGR 1 organisations with high levels of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation, influence, identity and leadership. The foundation’s principle around self-determination is best enacted through supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led organisations however we also recognise the need to build skills and capabilities in these organisations and the communities they exist in. An effective way to do this is to support respectful partnerships between non-Indigenous and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations where two-way learning and capacity building at an organisational and community level is intentional.

Demonstrate a dedication to capacity building

It is intended that all funding provided by CAGES Foundation will leave behind a greater and innate ability for Aboriginal individuals, organisations and communities to achieve improved life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children beyond the life of the funding. Capacity building may be defined in various ways and will occur at different levels including community, organisational and leadership.

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We are committed to being effective funders and continuing to evolve and learn from those we work with.

Applying For Funding

CAGES Foundation gave just over $1.6M in its 2018 grant round with over $1.3M of funds distributed to organisations working to improve the opportunities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. CAGES Foundation successfully introduced a community grants round in 2018 which made funds available for Aboriginal controlled community organisations looking for on-off funding to fund a discreet project or capacity building excercise.

47% of our funding was granted to Aboriginal controlled organisations with another 46% of funds being dispersed to non-indigenous organisations working in close partnerships with Aboriginal controlled organisations and community.

CAGES Foundation is currently accepting enquiries for funding. Please note our primary funding stream will distribute funds in June 2019 however Community Grants (for Aboriginal controlled organisations only) are available more regularly. All enquiries will receive a response within two weeks of submission.

We are always interested in learning more about organisations working in our focus area, if you believe you would be a good fit for CAGES Foundation funding please get in touch.

Facts you need to know

  • Approximately 70% of the funds available for distribution in 2019 are already committed to long-term activities or other grant programs. As such, we expect there will only be an additional 1-2 grants available in 2019.
  • Gifts from the primary funding stream are for large and/or long-term work involving capacity building, infrastructure, systemic change or program development.
  • We will be primarily focusing on organisations working in NSW or based on the east coast who have a national reach.


Before proceeding

  • Is the focus of your activity Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children in the first five years of their life?
  • Is your organisaiton Aboriginal controlled or led or do you partner with Aboriginal controlled or led organisations?
  • Can you demonstrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership and participation?

The Philanthropic Benchmark Initiative (PBI)

In 2013 CAGES Foundation partnered with Origin Foundation and Dusseldorp Forum to enlist research consultancy Pollinate to develop a tool to enable foundations to measure their own effectiveness. Since its inception in 2013 the PBI has been conducted three times and seven organisations have participated in the survey making the benchmark more robust and indicative of the industry.

The motivation behind this initiative is to create industry benchmarks for philanthropy and enable philanthropic organisations to recognise how they can operate more effectively. For CAGES Foundation, participating in the PBI gives the organisations we fund with an opportunity to provide honest and anonymous feedback about their experience working with us and in turn to enable us to improve the way we work.

In response to feedback from the organisations we fund gathered through our participation in the PBI, CAGES Foundation has created and implemented a new application for funding process and updated our website.

PBI Results

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